Sigi Ott

Magus (apprentice in 1400)
Birth Name: Siegfried Ott
Tribunal: Greater Alps
Covenant: Rosmertina
Specialties: Aquam, Rivers
Curse: The Rotten Curse
Age in 1400: 17

Siegfried ‘Sigi’ Ott is the youngest of the Ott siblings, the only non-faerie-blooded one, and the only Gifted one. Emil has been Sigi’s tutor, master, and doting dad starting the day of his precious boy’s birth. Their interests and personalities are different enough that it can be a challenge to believe that they like each other. Sigi’s siblings know the truth, though: Sigi and Emil love each other more than life, and Emil has almost no interest in the rest of them.

Sigi is simultaneously worldly and meek, unlike Emil. He’s also been more interested in his kin, though he acts like he’s keenly aware of his favored position and quietly salutary about it, like he wish it weren’t the case.

He’s among the new generation of magi that bear the Rotten Curse. Like many of his fellow unfortunates, he became anorexic when trying to adjust to his new life of putrid sustenance. Unlike most of those poorly adjusted, he somehow snapped out of his death sentence—Emil is convinced his restless search for a cure based on Mentem paid off, but his “Quelling the Mortifying Disgust” spell has not succeeded for anyone else in that case. His long dance with starvation has visibly and permanently affected him: his limbs are as thin as posts, his face sunken like a sandy harbor at low tide, and he’s no prodigy of physicality.

He’s not expressed a desire to carry on Emil’s studies on propagation of the Gift, perhaps little wonder given the suffering that’s come along with his own Gift. He’s otherwise content to lead the life of a magus. He’s fairly well-rounded for an apprentice, and he seems to have an odd magical affinity for rivers.

Sigi Ott

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